Docker builder pattern

When talking about Docker, the typical case is that the resulting build artifact of the project is a Docker image that will be pushed to a Docker registry and subsequently run on some production server.

Django settings package

When starting a new Django project, you get a file with some initial basic settings in it. This is rarely complex enough for real world projects. Lets take a look at how to improve the settings management in Django.

Samba 4 on FreeBSD with ZFS and NFSv4 ACLs

Configuring Samba has never been one of my favourite things. This is just a quick recipe setting up Samba on FreeBSD with a dedicated ZFS filesystem that uses ACLs. It is set up for a single user, where the user gets full control over all files. It can be adapted to support more users by using groups, and configuring permissions / ACLs for that. It is written for FreeBSD 11 and Samba 4.6

FreeBSD Iocage Primer

Jails is a very stable and mature feature in FreeBSD. However, the standard interface for jails is slightly too cumbersome for my taste. The Iocage project provides a higher level interface for administrating jails.

SuperMicro X11SSM Assembly

The main purpose of this server build is to be a NAS. To host a bunch of storage, and related network services such as Samba. Similar to FreeNAS, but based on a regular FreeBSD install. But I also wanted to be able to do a bit more, such as experiment with different applications, and run multiple virtual development servers, and maybe even run some heavier things like a public game server. The main requirements are stability and performance, power consumption is secondary but still a factor.

APU2C4 Assembly

So, I decided I need want a new router. Partly because the support ended for my current Netgear router, and because I always wanted a good reason to run some BSD so I could learn more about it and networking in general.